Beekeeping at Foxglove Farm

This website is about methods and ideas left or right of the main stream.  Mostly, I'm working on some ideas for letting bees be bees. 


 Here at Foxglove Farm we view our bees in a unique and holistic manner.  We are blessed to be in an area of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State,USA, with a temperate climate and abundant, diverse pollen flows.  Our carefully chosen strain of honey bees are well suited for this environment.  The health and well being of our honey bees is the most important factor we take into consideration as we work with our bees.  The hives are cared for using natural and biodynamic methods.  We have an apiary program which includes applying different hive models that encourage the natural living conditions of the bees.



We only just started this web site  in October and we will be updating as things come up and as time allows. 

Thanks for checking out our site,  

Ernie, (aka the Farmboy Who Loved Bees)



 My not so serious side...


 ... about to flunk bee keeping 101